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EP. 62 Confidence, Self Expression and Change – Making it Happen with Beverly Price

EP 62 Confidence, Self Expression and Change – Making it Happen with Beverly Price


This show will inspire career change and money consciousness and new ideas for self empowerment.

Being dubbed “The Women’s Self-Expression and Change Expert” and transformational coach for more than 25+ years, Beverly seeks to see women flourish in this world. She guides women along their journey to self-empowerment so they can reframe their mindset and rewrite their stories as confident happy and fulfilled women.

“As an empowerment advocate, I bring to the table my blazing passion for teaching women how to use self-expression on the inside and outside to develop self-empowerment so they can ultimately become the women they long to be. I firmly believe that the key to becoming an empowered woman starts with being kind and loving yourself, stretch marks and all.

Here are some of my career highlights:
▻ Played a key role in helping women achieve their empowerment goals through transformational coaching.
▻ Established the “Her-Self-Expression Podcast,” a project which aims to foster a safe environment for women where they can learn and support each other.
▻ Utilizing keen business acumen to bring women stunning success in coping with and growing from majore life changes, relationships, finances, careers and starting businesses.

With my unwavering commitment to women, I am open to every opportunity knocking at my door. I take pride in cultivating my influential communication skills to foster connections and thought-provoking podcasts in various settings. Beginning my journey in arts at a young age, I continue to empower my passion for growth, leading my capability to enhance and contribute the skills I’ve acquired.”