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Ep. 117 Romance and Finance with Kathryn Alice


Michelle Perkins and Kathryn Alice discuss the importance of having a positive relationship with money and how it can impact one’s life. Kathryn Alice is an expert in love and relationships, while Michelle Perkins is an expert in money. They emphasize the need to change negative beliefs about money and set intentions for financial success. The conversation highlights the parallels between relationships with money and relationships with people, emphasizing the importance of communication, spending time together, and addressing issues constructively. 

They suggest incorporating rituals and mindset shifts to improve one’s relationship with money. they also touch on the idea that money is not inherently bad and that having more money can provide freedom and choices (a good thing). The podcast aims to help listeners develop a healthy and positive relationship with money to achieve financial success and a fulfilling life.

The conversation also explains the concept of manifestation and setting intentions to attract abundance, sharing examples of individuals who have experienced positive changes in their financial situations through mindset shifts and manifestation techniques. The podcast aims to help listeners recognize and change patterns to create a more positive and abundant relationship with money. The podcast emphasizes finding joy and fulfillment in both love and money and how these aspects can positively impact one’s life.

00:04 – Building a money relationship 

12:34 – Shifting patterns for better relationships

21:50 – The love and money connection 

33:46 – Appreciation and creative solutions 

39:13 – Connecting with financial advisors 

Main Topics Discussed:

1. Having regular “money dates”:

– The importance of having weekly money dates to develop a healthy relationship with money.

– The significance of rituals and setting oneself up for these money dates.

2. Money as a lifelong relationship:

– Money is something we have a relationship with from a young age, and it continues throughout our lives.

– The need to address money desires openly, just like we do with desires for romantic relationships.

3. Giving attention and care to money:

– Money should not be ignored or neglected; it requires attention and nurturing.

– Dealing with money issues in a calm and rational manner, rather than reacting with anger or depression.

4. Shifting beliefs about money:

– Similar to relationships, money should be seen as exciting and worth tending to.

– Changing negative beliefs and thoughts about money to create a more positive and abundant mindset.

5. Recognizing patterns and creating new ones:

– The importance of recognizing patterns in our relationship with money and finding ways to create new, better patterns.

– Our upbringing and past experiences can influence our money patterns, making it necessary to seek outside perspectives.

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