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Thrive Accelerator

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Welcome to the Thrive Accelerator Program. You have made a great decision to commit to stepping up into a bigger vision for yourself. We applaud you for that!!

We are so glad you have joined Lorenda and Michelle to create your VISION and actively execute your plan. We are invested in your success and will be mentoring you to move your plan forward. 

The Thrive Accelerator Program was designed to help business owners and other goal-setters keep the plans they’ve created in the forefront, so they stay on track with their goals and see the results of their efforts.

Our goals for Thrive are to serve you with:

  • Mentorship
  • Accountability
  • Planning Strategies and Strategic Analysis
  • Tools and Resources 
  • Community

We will be visiting you on zoom for our quarterly retreats where we will assess your plans and reset goals, strategies, and actions so you can make real progress toward your vision. 

We will be available for coaching and support every week to help you with mindset and any challenges you would like to discuss.

You will receive tools and resources every month to integrate into your work.

Please keep your plan where you can see it and refer to it often! Check in with your “feeling” words and your vision, why, and goals at least weekly if not daily. 

Prioritize the work on your goals, follow the action steps you’ve decided on, and avoid distractions to stay on track. 

Come into the coaching calls as often as possible, they will help you keep the ball moving.

Use this portal as a reference for all aspects of the Thrive Accelerator. The admin page includes important dates, zoom links, and calendar links to book calls with Lorenda or Michelle.

The Tools and Resources page contains the monthly tools we will be sending via email. The DreamBig Planning Workbook and growth environment spreadsheet are also accessible in the portal. We will be continually adding to the portal, so consider it the Thrive Accelerator Library

We want feedback and to know how you’re doing. Please contact us to let us know if you have or need additional help.

Remember, elevate yourself to the level of your vision because you are worth it!! Thrive on!


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