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Welcome to Your Money Date Program. You have made a great decision to commit to stepping up, into a bigger vision for yourself and your relationship with your money. We applaud you for that!!

We are so glad you have joined this program to learn to relate to your money in ways that will support and empower you. You will take control of your money beliefs and actions and it will improve your opportunities in many areas. 

We are invested in your success and will be mentoring you to move your relationship forward.

Your Money Date Program was designed to help you with the feeling that money controls you or impacts your life in disappointing, confusing or negative ways. We provide you with a deeper understanding of your beliefs around money that may be helping or harming your relationship, and the actions you can take to be in control and hopeful for the future, so you can plan the other parts of your life. 

Our goals for Your Money Date are to lead you on the path to regular money dates that you will have on your own. You will consistently improve your mindset and engage and take action in the areas that help you reach your financial goals. We provide the following to set you up to be in relationship and in control:

  • Clarity
  • Education
  • Accountability
  • Planning Strategies and Strategic Analysis tools
  • Tools and Resources
  • Community
  • New Perspectives

We will be seeing you on zoom for our weekly money dates together where we will have specific topics to discuss that help you connect with your money, and set goals, strategies, and actions so you can make real progress toward your vision and a new money story. 

I will be available for coaching and support every week to help you with mindset, actions, and any challenges you would like to discuss.

You will receive tools and resources in each money date to integrate into your work.

Please keep your homework and notes organized so you can find the information easily and use it. Check in with your money archetypes regularly to make sure you are leveraging your strengths and noticing when your challenges show up. We want to move to conscious decision-making based on the beliefs and thoughts that serve you best, and the right actions that move the needle. 

Prioritize the work of building your money relationship as you would with another important relationship.

Come into the coaching calls (office hours) as often as possible, they will help you keep the ball moving.

Use this portal as a reference for all aspects of Your Money Date.  The admin page includes important dates and zoom links.

The Tools and Resources page hosts the weekly tools, exercises, and recordings from the training days. You will have continual access to this portal to reuse the tools and we will be continually adding to the portal, so consider it your Money Date Library.

I’d love feedback and to know how you’re doing. Please contact me to let me know if you have questions or need additional help.

Remember, elevate yourself to the level of your financial vision because you are worth it!! Your new relationship (which includes a new mindset and actions)  will allow that to emerge.