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Thank you for visiting the Limit Free Life website!

I hope this free gift is exactly what you need to find more clarity about the direction you want to take in your career and the latest information on the practical job search tools that will help you land your next position.

The guide, workbook, audios, and additional resources will set you up on a course to change your work and life. After using the resources, you may be fully prepared to go after a new job or it might reveal a budding entrepreneur ( and we can help with that dream as well), so be open to amazing possibilities, new ideas and don’t rush the process. There’s a lot to learn, consider and take action on as you use this kit.

Before you start, here are some tips for how to use the resources we’ve provided.

Begin by reviewing the resources included in the kit, downloading the documents and audios to your computer, phone, or both, and printing the items you want to read and jot notes and ideas on.

You will find the following tools:

1. An e-guide in a readable format that contains images and more color. Enjoy reading this version online.

2. A printable version of the same e-guide that doesn’t have the images, but does include the same content, because I know the cost of printer ink and how quickly it gets depleted.

3.  An accompanying workbook that you can use to answer questions, complete exercises, and take notes on ideas you have along the way. One workbook is in color and more fun to read and use online.

4. A printable version of the same workbook without the color is also provided (that printer thing again). This is especially good if you want to print multiples and rework it as you discover more about yourself over time.

5. An audio recording of Section 1 of your guide – Clarity work to help align your career with your purpose. Sometimes listening helps you take in information differently, or it’s helpful to listen multiple times in addition to having the printed material to read.

6. An audio recording of Section 2 of your guide – Job search mechanics that will help you understand the job search process and put together your resume/Linked In and cover letters, understand networking and interviewing, and additional advice that will help you navigate a sometimes difficult process.

7. A job search tracker to help you keep track of contacts, companies, and resumes sent as well as follow-up dates and tasks. Once you get in motion, you will soon be interacting with many people and organizations. This data management tool will help you to track your progress, not allow anything to slip through the cracks, and remind you of follow-up actions to take.

8. A project action sheet to help you strategically detail the steps necessary to complete projects and move your career change forward with a plan(s).

The “job tracker” and “project action sheet” are downloadable, however, to use the tracker you must make a copy. To eliminate any confusion, we have a quick video for you that will help you understand how to access this resource easily and start using it right away.

If you are new to the job market or have not been in transition in a while, this kit will bring you up to speed and prepare you for a successful career change and search. If you just need a refresher or to plan your approach, use this guide to assist you in planning out the actions to take.

If you want more assistance or a deeper dive into any area, we have numerous ways to help you with any aspect of the career transition and search. A list of our services and other resources is in the e-guide.  

Please reach out at any time and schedule a consultation if you feel that speaking to me about your specific situation is what will help you most.

You can schedule a free 30 minutes with me at:

I’d love to speak with you about your specific career journey and help you get past any barriers, clear confusion, and understand the best way to find momentum.

To Your Success and Joy,

ps – Remember, you deserve a limit free life, full of prosperity and fulfillment, so go for your dreams, and even if this next chapter is a stepping stone along the way, if you are clear on your vision, and on the path, the future can be more than you can imagine at this moment.