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A full-day, LIVE virtual workshop to help you develop the mindset and skill set to sell with confidence and ease.

Give Us 1 Day . . . and We’ll Help You Double Sales Effectiveness – – Even If You Hate to Sell

During This Hands-On Virtual Workshop, You’ll Gain Practical Skills and Expert Feedback to Become More Comfortable and Effective in Selling Your  Products and Services 

Friday, October 22, 2021 | Via Zoom

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Sales is the lifeblood of your business.

But, if you’re like many entrepreneurs . . . you don’t like to sell.  You may even subconsciously resist or avoid it.  

Which of these warning signs Do you Recognize?

Undercharging in your business . . . but unable to see how you could charge moreMake “just enough” to get by, no matter how successfully your career or your business is going  Being too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income to a new levelFeeling as if there is an invisible glass money ceiling keeping you from achieving successAvoiding looking at your bank account or ‘dealing with money’ Feeling resentment about wealthy people, believing their focus on money is unhealthy Feeling you’ll have to work harder to make more, which keeps you stuck where you are Yearning to make more money, but afraid it might change who you areStressed out by endless squabbles you and your spouse / partner have about moneyHolding back from investing in ways to help your business or career flourishBeing secretive about money as a way of feeling safe and in controlAvoiding cold calling at all costs. . . even when you know you “should” be doing it Delivering too much advice during sales conversations, so prospects don’t feel the need to hire you for the solution Feeling uncomfortable about naming your price and asking for a sale Dragging your feet on preparing proposals Accepting prospects’ promises that they’ll call you after they’ve “thought about it” . . . even though you know they won’t Not knowing how to respond when someone raises an objection to your proposal  and / or priceWaiting for business to find it’s way to you vs. willing to go out and look for itDreading the possibility that you might hear “no” and face rejectionStumbling over your words when explaining what you doNot following up with your prospects promptly consistently(or even at all)Having no idea how to price your servicesFocusing on how much you cost – not on how much value you provideConsciously noticing resistance to the idea of having to sell your services 

If you recognize one or more of these signs you have internal money blocks that are limiting your results, squashing your enthusiasm . . . and sabotaging your ability to sell effectively.

MONEY + MONEY will help. 

Develop the Mindset and Skill Set for Sales Success

During this full-day, immersive workshop, you’ll gain proven strategies, powerful insights, and practical skills to strengthen your mindset and skill set around sales.

Identify and Eliminate Unconscious Money Blocks That Limit Your Success 

Adopt a Fresh Money Story and Mindset that Embraces Selling and Wealth 

Learn an Easy, Effective System for Selling Without Being ‘Salesy’ 

MONEY + MONEY embraces the idea that your mindset determines your results.

In other words, if you hate selling and resist thinking of yourself as a ‘salesperson’ . . . you’ll unconsciously self-sabotage your efforts to sell.  

But if you develop a mindset that embraces wealth and views selling as a noble form of serving other people to step into their potential and dreams . . . you’ll embrace and hone the skills needed to get really good at sales.  

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Learning + Practice + Feedback = Improvement

If you’re uncomfortable with the process of selling, you’ll avoid doing it – – even in learning environments.  

But you can’t get better at selling simply by reading about it or listening to someone tell you how to do it.  

You actually have to jump in and DO it.

But practicing on real life prospects isn’t a good idea. 

Not only will it increase your anxiety (because you’re talking to a real prospect) . . . but you also have a lot at stake!

A much better approach is to practice with other people who are committed to getting better at sales – and getting gentle feedback and encouragement from people who are good at sales. 

That’s what we’ll do – – together – – at MONEY+ MONEY.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll have opportunities to practice the new sales skills you’re learning.  Instead of telling yourself how you’ll figure out and customize and use this information “later” we’ll help you do it in class.  So, you’ll walk out the door, confident and ready to engage in powerful enrollment conversations. 

I’m ready to get better – SIGN ME UP!

How You’ll Benefit When You Transform Your Money Mindset and Sales Skill Set

You’ll know how to have open-hearted and productive money conversations.You can have more money for the people, experiences and goodies you want in your life.You can have more to give because you’ll know what to say yes to, and what to say no to.You can feel empowered to make new choices that make you happier.You’ll look forward to enrollment conversations vs. dreading them.You’ll understand how to deliver value during enrollment conversations without giving away everything you know.You’ll increase the number of sales you close – and watch your bank account and business grow as a result.  You’ll be okay with hearing ‘no’ because you’ll know it’s not personal rejection. 

Who Should Attend

MONEY + MONEY is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers, sales professionals and other people whose income depends on their ability to sell.  

This Event IS Right for You If You . . . 

Agree that everyone can sell – – and that selling is a necessary part of businessAre open to the idea that selling can be a form of service to othersCan feel that something inside of you is limiting your success with sales and holding you backAre committed to becoming better at sales because you know you have a gift to shareAre willing to step outside your comfort zone with the safety of our workshop, so you can finally achieve better resultsUnderstand that selling requires interacting with others – and practicing is the best way to improve

But This is NOT a Good Fit If You . . . 

Are okay being mediocre (or even bad) at salesThink that people who sell are sneaky, greedy and out to hurt othersBelieve that there is a limit on how much money you can or should make Want to get better at sales, but are terrified of practicing selling in front of other peopleResist receiving feedback because you don’t like to see where you need to improveThink that selling is just something you know how to do – – or you don’tPrefer being average at sales, even though it means you’re not helping all the people you could be

I’m In! 

What You’ll Learn

Strengthen Your Money Mindset

Learn how your money archetypes are influencing your salesHow to leverage money beliefs to increase your salesHow to eliminate ways of thinking about money that prevent you from asking for businessHow to stop giving away or discounting your time and energyPositive money mindsets that attract clients and customers on a daily basisSimple, straightforward ways to feel great about money and salesHow to not make money your enemy, but your ally in business as you grow to new heightsHow to clear money clutter to free yourself to earn more and keep more

Improve Your Ability to Sell

How to master the methods of making more appointmentsHow to close business and finally get the clients you wantWhy traditional sales tactics do not work and find out what doesLearn how to sell in 2021: “Help me help you”What the multi-millionaire sales people knowThe #1 reason your business is not growing, and how to turn it aroundNon sales-y techniques to become awesome at closing salesThe 5 steps to getting what you want without being sales-yThe 411 for proven winning sales methods

About Your Instructors

Michelle Perkins is the CEO of Limit Free Life, a coaching and personal development company designed to help men and women create financial prosperity and freedom while doing work they love.  Michelle’s mission is to help ambitious, driven professionals move into (or better yet, create) work that: 

> Satisfies the soul

> Makes them feel the way they want to feel

> Creates the financial prosperity that they need & want

> Empowers them to live the life they desire

Services include: career transition coaching, reinvention at all stages of life, and working with entrepreneurs to improve business acumen, productivity, and leadership skills to create a profitable enterprise they love.  A unique focus of her work is lifting barriers to success by uncovering underlying money beliefs, illuminating what’s driving money behavior,  and paving the way for a better relationship with money and increased wealth.

As an MBA with several coaching certifications, and a former CPA and corporate business consultant, she combines a strong background in finance, entrepreneurship and transition management with an intuitive coaching style, Working with her husband, she bought, sold and built dental practices that were highly successful.  Most recently building a new practice in Malibu, taking it from zero to a million dollars in five years.  Michelle launched Limit Free Life in 2011, while still running the practices.  

Michelle is a speaker, writer, and podcast host.  She loves nature and is an active volunteer and move to two young entrepreneurs who don’t particularly like being coached.  

Lorenda Phillips, founder of the Essential Entrepreneur and Retired from Sports, has been an entrepreneur and business coach since 1997, coaching over 2,000 small business owners to be better in their work and their lives.

She has a Masters Certification from the International Coaching Federation. As an expert in planning, sales, leadership, everything entrepreneurship and transitions, Lorenda has the training and experience to help entrepreneurs grow and athletes transition successfully.  She is committed to making a different in the world of business and expanding her message through her coaching, books, social media presence and events. 

Lorenda is a heartfelt, results oriented coach with a love for business owners and pro atheletes transitioning into what is next in their lives.  

What You’ll Receive

Q&A meetings after the event. You’ll get the opportunity to ask your most burning sales and mindset questions, get on-the-spot advice specific to your business and learn from other participants’ inquiries. (A $1200 Value)4 Follow-Up Group Coaching Sessions. Bring your toughest challenges to these private group coaching sessions, and let Lorenda and Michelle help you tweak your mindset and skill sets to get you on track toward your goals. Calls are recorded so you can re-listen and even transcribe them to glean every drop of knowledge from their coaching. (A $2400 Value)A virtual workshop package containing slides, money mindset worksheets, sales scripts, tracking templates, contact management sheets, and other tools. Full access to all training materials and resources to revisit whenever you need. (A $600 Value)Access to Limit Free Life’s “Secret Money Archetypes Assessment” so we can deep dive into your unique money beliefs and uncover limiting beliefs and ways to leverage your strengths. This directly impacts your sales results. (A $400 Value)A sales campaign and marketing plan outline and a personal review of your plan, if completed and ready to review prior to the completion of the group coaching sessions.  (A $600 Value)A recording of the day’s event  so you can rewatch and expand your knowledge as often as you like. ($297)

That’s a total value of $5497.

What Others Have to Say . . . 

The tools and techniques that Lorenda Phillips and Michelle Perkins bring to the table provided me with the thought, wisdom and practical application I needed to take my business to the next level.  They don’t just talk about it, they show you!


 “This was an informative course.  It created a space and game me the time to develop concrete goals and schedule them into actions.  While I ‘think’ about my goals, I have never scheduled actions like this before.  The course provided me with a game plan that I could start to implement right after I got off the call”.  

Angie Thudium, MA, CCC-SLP  Los Angeles

 “Lorenda and Michelle taught me how to hone in on what’s important then offered me the steps for achievement, providing me a blueprint for 2021.  I highly recommend this course for business owners and individuals wanting to actualize their dreams.”  

Erendira Cronkhite, Summit Accounting Solutions, Los Angeles

 “I have known Lorenda for years!  Her continued commitment and personal guidance has helped first establish and then build my business and continues to be of importance in my life.  She brings an enthusiasm and               intellect that is very grounded and ready for direct life application.  I highly recommend her and Michelle Perkins’ course. “   

Christopher Mercier, AIA,  President/Founder, (fer)

“Lorenda Phillips has been my executive career coach for 15 years. Her leadership is remarkable and she is very effective in achieving results. 

She designs and facilitates courses that get to the heart of what it takes to be successful. Her partnership with Michelle Perkins combines two great leaders into one course. Their approach to delivering the course material is straightforward and easy to apply.”

“Earlier this year I took their course, “Planning for Success 2021”. It was just what I needed to kick off the year after an unusual 2020 and I am on track to deliver the results on the goals I planned. 

As a result of the planning from that course, I have doubled my revenue and landed two new opportunities with large national retail brands.

I would highly recommend Lorenda and Michelle’s courses to anyone. From someone just starting out to someone who wants to take their business and career to the next level.”

Mark Brodeur

Recoup Your Investment With As Little As One Sale

Full Access


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When it comes down to it, sales are what keep the lights on and the wheels turning in all businesses. But selling doesn’t have to feel sleazy — in fact, it shouldn’t.

Making sales isn’t about throwing out the best pitch, or just telling your customers what they want to hear — it’s about communicating authentically and demonstrating value. 

Big companies know this, that’s why they happily pay Michelle and Lorenda upwards of $10,000 each to deliver this training personally.

But now, you can get access to their proven framework for just a fraction of that price. 

The regular tuition for MONEY + MONEY is $997.

But when you reserve your seat by midnight PT on Sunday, October 3, 2021, you’ll pay just $797 — an instant savings of 25 percent. 

Not only will your investment pay for itself with your very next sale– with the unique strategies and money mindset you develop in this training you’ll be able chart a clear path for accelerated business growth!

Your Delight is Guaranteed

Attend the entire event, and participate fully in all workshop activities, practice sessions, and breakout groups. If you don’t enthusiastically agree that this intensive helped you expand your money mindset and improve your skill set, simply let Lorenda and Michelle know immediately after the event, and we’ll cheerfully refund your investment.

When and Where







10:00 AM

(Pacific) to 4:00 PM / 11:00 am to 6:00 PM (Central) / 12 noon to 7:00 pm (Eastern) 

Where:  Zoom (link to be provided at registration)

Your Investment:  $997 $797 Early Bird Discount – Save $200 When You Enroll by October 3rd.  


You Have the Power to Transform Your Business  – Let’s Do This Together

A business without sales is like a car without gas — you can push it forward on your own for a while, but chances are, you’ll end up burnt out and exhausted long before you get very far.

So now you have a choice…

You can choose to continue on as you have been — struggling to bring in clients, running from your fear and just hoping you make sales while never making the income and impact you deserve. 


You can seize this opportunity to:

Blast through the hidden inner blocks that are sabotaging your sales efforts Learn and practice proven sales skills in a risk-free environment And FINALLY gain the confidence to effortlessly (and fearlessly) guide potential clients through the enrollment conversation 

Unlike other sales workshops, when you join MONEY + MONEY, you’ll get hands-on practice throughout the training. 

So not only will you be able to implement your new skills and start seeing results immediately — you could easily recoup your investment with your first additional sale.

If you’re ready to eliminate unconscious money blocks that have been holding you back and finally have the skills and confidence you need to transform your business – now is the time for action. 

If you’re done spinning your wheels with sales strategy that just isn’t working — and if you’re ready to transform your money mindset for the better — now is the time for action.

I’m Ready to Move Forward!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we can’t attend the whole day?

A: The training is designed to move you through a step-by-step transformational process, which means each individual training block builds off of the previous one. In order to get the full benefit of the workshop, you will need to ensure that you are able to attend from start to finish. 

Clearing your schedule for a full day can be tricky, but the results you’ll see from developing the powerful money-making mindset and selling skill set can absolutely transform your business – and life. The money back guarantee applies to those who attend

If you’re ready to finally release the money blocks that have been holding you back and start stepping up your sales — register here.

What if I don’t want to participate in the role play?

A: Just like any skill, the only way to get better at sales is by practicing. 

You could study sales strategies and tactics day and night, but if you don’t apply the knowledge to practical situations, you won’t be able to improve. In MONEY + MONEY, you’ll be able to put your new skills to work in real life scenarios — without the real-life risk. All practice will be in a safe and courteous environment – a perfect practice space.

If that answers your question — secure your seat here!

What’s included in the training?

A: After the training you’ll also receive 4 follow-up group coaching calls and Q&A sessions, where you’ll meet with Lorenda and Michelle to review progress, challenges, receive accountability and next steps. 

You will have several opportunities following the training where you will be able to ask your most burning sales questions.  You will be provided scripts, templates and functional tools in many areas of money mindset and sales skills, so you can be in action immediately.

What are you waiting for? — grab your seat today!

Will the training be recorded?

A: If you are unable to attend the full training session, or simply want to be able to refer back to the training at any time, you will be gifted the recordings, only for registered attendees.  Register today!

When will I start seeing results?

A: It’s up to you. The mindset and skills you develop in this training can absolutely transform your business for the better, but only if you are committed to consistently implementing the key takeaways, strategies and practices in your business. 

The sooner you start — the sooner you will see real, transformative results. Get started today…

I’m not sure if this is the right workshop for me. How can I be sure?

A: This workshop is for you if you have ever felt intimidated by, or uncomfortable with the selling process, and struggle with anxiety or even fear about finances in your business. 

It’s about identifying and resolving deeply-rooted money blocks that have been holding you back, and developing the skill set and confidence you need to move your business forward. 

If that resonates with you then you’re in the right place — and it’s time to take the next step.

And if you’d prefer to speak with Lorenda and/or Michelle before signing up, simply click the button(s) below to schedule a time to talk.

I can’t attend on this date. Will you be holding this event again?

A: As of now, October 22 is the only scheduled session of MONEY + MONEY. If you want to seize this opportunity to master the sales process easily, reserve your place now. 

Questions? Schedule a time to talk with Michelle and/or Lorenda

Talk to MichelleTalk to LORENDA

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