In Michelle’s step-by-step group coaching program for women entrepreneurs, you’ll discover how to gradually elevate your relationship with money so you can make more, keep more and empower your business and life with confidence.

So you can quickly and easily:

  • Eliminate financial challenges that perpetually hold you back
  • Create the financial prosperity you need and want
  • Become a Money Master controlling your own financial destiny
  • Build financial security with less stress and confusion
  • Empower yourself with tools to design and create the life you desire
  • Develop confidence and financial communication skills
  • Align your financial mindset and actions for maximum success
  • Feel the way you want to feel in business and life
  • Satisfy your soul in ways you haven’t before

Michelle Perkins will help you master money in your business with enlightened money beliefs, empowered decision making, and accelerated action.


The promise of this program is to go from a poor relationship with money to a rich one.


POOR Relationship with Money: 

  • Settling for less
  • Insecurity and lack of confidence
  • Inability to make a career change or start/build a business
  • Feeling stuck where you are
  • Fear and Doubt
  • A sense of disempowerment
  • Avoidance of money issues
  • Bitterness and resentment toward work or finances
  • Jealousy or negativity
  • A belief in limited possibilities for you and your family

RICH Relationship with Money: 

  • Belief in Abundance
  • Confident Actions
  • Freedom to Change and Grow
  • Eliminate Glass Ceilings
  • Keep More Money
  • Charge What You are Worth
  • Security and Calm
  • Empowerment and Independence
  • Take Calculated Risks
  • Earn More
  • Self Awareness
  • Investing for Growth
  • Infinite Possibility

If you are experiencing financial pressure, confusion or lack, you can wait to improve your relationship with money, but eventually it will become necessary in order to change your financial state.

Why wait to create an extraordinary life filled with passion, purpose, abundance, freedom, love and HUGE levels of joy?

Avoid debilitating financial woes and wasting precious time. Build a financial and business foundation that will support you now and through any future challenges.

The reason the EMPOWER program works so well is because it combines the essential elements of mindset, practical action and leadership principles into one program to empower and elevate you in business and in life.

You can learn each of these separately and receive benefits, but the three elements together in one program, where you are regularly receiving coaching and training, implementing ideas, sharing perspectives with a group, and taking dynamic action together is where magic and mastery happen- quickly and powerfully.

If you are already considering joining me on this group journey, please schedule a complimentary call to see if this program is what you need to go to the next level.


It’s crucial to your business success:

To work on your relationship with money in order to bust through your self-imposed glass ceiling or other sabotaging patterns, and experience the results you planned for when you began your business.

  • If you have a negative or limited mindset around money, your outcomes will be less than what you want.
  • If you have a positive and abundant mindset, but take few or ineffective actions, you won’t see the results you want.
  • If you have financial means, but you don’t self identify as a financially independent leader (more like an imposter), you won’t experience the success you aspire to.
  • If you hold a leadership role, but your financial situation is in chaos or disrepair and you feel out of integrity, you are less likely to move to the next level of success.

This program is designed to help you get the results you want in your business. Fulfillment, fun and contribution are worthy, wonderful goals, but they are hard to achieve when financial challenges are consuming your mind, sapping your energy, and creating fear in your heart.

Address your relationship with money first so you can get on with the your purposeful journey toward a business you love and that benefits others.

Stepping into your power is about more than money. It’s how you think, speak, interact with others, experience your role, project your power, and envision the future. Your money mindset impacts all of these leadership skills and areas of empowerment.

As seen on:

As seen on:

Why This Program Works: 

You know that you are capable and driven by purpose, but feel that your bigger financial goals are still out of reach - This Is Your Moment

This program unlocks key secrets to higher revenues, greater net worth and deeper confidence.

What if I told you that there is a way to improve your finances and experience greater business success. More Money

What if I told you there is a way to better business choices, better life decisions to eliminate problems before they even appear. Better Life

What if I told you there is way to achieve all of this with joy and authentic purpose.  Achieve Fulfillment

This is no magic, or tricks, but there is a path. This is the Hidden Road I found, leading ultimately to what I call Business Enlightenment ™ .

I see the entrepreneur’s journey as one of enlightenment. I call it Business Enlightenment. To reach the ultimate goals of financial prosperity, fulfillment and joy in your work, there are many milestones along the way and a great deal of personal growth.

This Longer Journey Toward Success and Fulfillment as an Entrepreneur Best Begins By Understanding The Three Pillars of Business Enlightenment:

  1. Mindset and Beliefs - Transform Your Relationship with Money
  2. Financial Action -  Practically Tackle Key Financial Challenges
  3. Leadership - Step Into Your True Power As a Confident Financial Leader



Starts you on this  journey, establishing the foundation you need and want on the road to Business Enlightenment.

You will set these three pillars in the ground and your business foundation will be forever solid.

This is the where the roots of your business take hold and keep everything steady and growing as you travel upward in your business.

Once this foundation is set, you are on your way to Business Enlightenment and the promise of a fuller, more purposeful and abundant life.

Why I created this program:

  • I believe there’s greatness to be revealed in everybody
    You made this choice of entrepreneurship so you could find something you were seeking (there are so many possible reasons) and to fully enjoy your work and life. Oftentimes, you want to make your mark and leave a legacy.
  • I believe there is more to business than making money
    Everyone is on their own journey. People in general, and entrepreneurs in particular, are striving every day to create, provide service, feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning and to be financially independent and abundant. Freedom is often the ultimate goal.
  • I believe being an entrepreneur is becoming yourself
    Business is a brilliant journey to ourselves - who we are, what we are made of and why we even exist at all. Entrepreneurs are full of questions and we spend much of our time answering them if we are smart, curious or driven to personal greatness.

But, why is it sometimes so hard?...

Do you often feel that you rely on others for financial support?

Do you inwardly feel vulnerable or insecure about your ability to create income?

Do you spend the money you earn as fast as it comes in?

Are you unable to save or invest?

Do you want to grow your business but there is never enough money to add team or make capital investments?

Are you happy when others are making financial decisions for you?

Do you avoid financial issues altogether, hoping they will take care of themselves?

Do you resent how important money is in your life?

Do you feel anxious, stressed or worried about spending money?

Do you live above your means?

Do you take financial risks?

Do you project an image of wealth that you don’t have, making you feel like a fraud?

Do you overdeliver or undercharge in your business?

Does you business dominate your thoughts and are you fearful of losing control of your money, power and identity?


If the answer is yes to any of these questions above:

Then what are the questions you ask on a regular basis in your mind?

Asking the Wrong Questions Provides  the Wrong Answers

Wrong Questions: 

  • Why don’t I have money?
  • Why can’t I keep any money?
  • What if I lose everything?
  • How much harder do I have to work to make more?
  • When will I ever get ahead?

Better Questions: 

  • How can I transform myself to create wealth?
  • What would help me to manage my finances so that I keep more money?
  • What will provide security and continued success?
  • How can I work smarter and increase my wealth?
  • What victories have I had today?

Do you see how the wrong questions are framed by fear and low self-esteem? Those questions are easily answered by demeaning and pessimistic thoughts and ideas.

Ask yourself  “Why don’t I have any money?” The voice in your head will likely give you an answer that is anything but helpful, such as: “Because you are no good as a _______,” or “Because no one in this field makes money.”

It is actually much more than a glass half-empty vs. a glass half full, your glass has a hole in it. The water is leaking no matter how full it is or how fast you refill it.

Asking the same ill conceived questions over and over prevents us from ever moving past our self imposed limits.

The definition of insanity is to expect a different result from the same repetitive actions (or questions).

If business feels difficult, confusing, frustrating and slow going, it may be the answers you invite in and the beliefs you have that drive your decision making. Your decisions and consequent actions may be keeping you stagnant.

Worse yet, your business decisions and actions might just follow the herd, thinking  you  should take the actions of others where there is evidence of their success.

These are decisions made without regard for how they align with your own money personality, authenticity or business vision.

Or, you are asking what is best for others all the time and those answers may be compromising your progress, as you address everyone’s goals but your own.

Have you experienced the frustration, stress, procrastination and confusion (and sometimes hopelessness) that comes as a result?

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The key to overcoming this is to…

Be the Powerful Financial Leader of Your Life and Business In a Way That Feels Good

Yes, I did say it should FEEL good.

Why? Well, simply because the amount of time, energy and dedication you put into your work is a huge chunk of your time here on earth. To sustain momentum, it has to feel good.

We are talking about overall. Not every minute.

Entrepreneurship is interwoven into your life in a holistic way. You can’t separate work from life easily, nor should you need to. It can blend into the whole of your life in a joyful way that feels purposeful and satisfying.

And you can still enjoy the other aspects of life - ideally, more so.

Especially if you chose to become a business owner, you did not set out to make your life less free, or more unhappy.


As an Entrepreneur, you can reach high levels of success and happiness when you:

  • Reap the financial rewards you need and want so that you can: continue, invest, grow, retire, whatever goals you have set for yourself
  • Are clear on your vision and know how you want to feel in your business and life
  • Are very self aware and honest with yourself as well as others
  • Step into your power as a leader
  • Manage your finances and impose controls and structure around money
  • Develop strong beliefs that serve you
  • Act in alignment with your values and beliefs, consistently
  • Continue to learn, grow and innovate
  • Are always on the journey to being more YOU while you serve others

How Great Would It Feel To Be Firmly on The Path To Business Enlightenment Where Fulfillment, Joy and Financial Prosperity Come Together?

Starting now, you can get on this road quickly and easily from any stage of business.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, what your income level is, or how small or large your company is.

It doesn’t matter if you know business or finance, or your expertise is elsewhere and your business is built around that interest.

This is a way to pull together the pieces that will help you to travel the path and continue to build along the way, forever.

This is a journey into yourself and back out into the world again, that you can take over and over. Continually,

  • Uncovering and honing your money mindset
  • Taking smart practical actions along the way
  • evaluating results and determining next steps
  • Reshaping your identity as a financially empowered entrepreneur
  • Aligning your business vision with your new level of mastery

Always evolving, moving and creating in a way that expands who you are and what your business can  do for you, your family and the world.

And this is how we start…

By Engaging in a Step-By-Step System Called “EMPOWER” to Catalyze Your Money Mastery

In this exclusive and intimate group coaching program, we take 8 big leaps that change everything:

  • Uncover Your Unconscious Money Beliefs and Patterns
  • Learn How to Change Your Relationship With Money
  • Install New Beliefs By Taking Practical Actions and Creating New Habits
  • Leverage Your Strengths and Find Solutions to Your Challenges
  • Elevate Communication and Leadership Skills
  • Align Your Money Mindset With Your Vision and Identity
  • Creating the “Abundance Blend” of Revenue Streams, Packaging and Pricing
  • Determine the Feelings You Want to Consistently Guide You On the Path

This program incorporates some of  the best methods for coaching, learning, and installing new habits and beliefs quickly and effectively.

Combining live group, and private coaching sessions, with training and action days (and a high tea celebration midway), this program addresses various learning styles and keeps it all compelling throughout the program- there will be video, audio and written materials that supports the coaching.  Primarily, I will be coaching, training and holding you accountable to your goals, but you will also have a group of like minded entrepreneurs supporting you and providing ideas and feedback. 

The program is varied, engaging and truly transformative.

The reason EMPOWER works so well is because it helps you connect to your own unconscious money beliefs and your feelings (your heart) while implementing practical strategies. It is a holistic approach to business and money that leads to financial reward, with fulfillment and joy.

You will begin to lead a more limit free life — a life where you enjoy success, abundance and freedom in your business and all areas of life without having to wait for years.

Why This Is Better Than
a Money Management Course?

Let’s step back a bit because I really want you to understand why this is so important. Of course, knowing the ins and outs of managing money:  budgeting, forecasting, analysis etc are important.


If you have never understood what your “relationship with money” is, let me offer some insights so you can better see the importance of getting this right.

The Money Relationship Epiphany

You may think of money as simply the paper and coins that you earn, save, spend or lose. In reality though, you most likely relate to money on a different level. You feel an emotional connection or dissonance with money in the same way you do with people. Most people think of money as an object and not a relationship. And here is the shift. Money is a relationship. Money as inanimate object and money as relationship are two very different perspectives. Inanimate objects do not need to be treated in the same way relationships do to prosper and improve.

The Origins of the Money Relationship

Money messaging starts at an early age. Messages that form our relationship with money later. Parents, grandparents and other family members tell us directly or indirectly how we should feel about money, and about the earning, saving and spending of it.

They communicate to us both how we should treat it and how we should feel about it - fear, anxiety, greed, charity, abundance, optimism are all messages that are passed on to us by family, culture, media and others who influence our thinking.

We absorb these ideas into our subconscious mind early, before we understand our own minds and grow up with these seeds developing into hidden beliefs that then sway our thoughts and our decision making. As time goes on we stop questioning our beliefs, and we act based on perceived “truths” in our heads.

Why This Was “Hidden” From Us?

Well it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was hidden, but not from us - by us. Much of the messaging was stored in our brains before our conscious minds were developed enough to evaluate them rationally. It is also a natural protective mechanism to distance ourselves from what it is perceived negatively. Think about it. Here’s some of the messages you may have heard:


  • Money is the root of all evil
  • The harder you work, the more money you make
  • Money leads to greed
  • Artists are starving
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Money doesn’t matter, people do
  • Money won’t make you happy

Are you noticing the negative messaging in these so called constructive sayings?

It’s as if the world is telling us that money is “bad” while simultaneously reminding us of how much we need it to be the people we want to be.

If you believe that people are generally good (as I do), then this creates the struggle  of good people going after something perceived as bad. It’s no surprise money creates conflict and most money relationships are weak.

How Does This Affect You?

You make decisions about money all the time, even when the decision isn’t about money per se. Your money relationship becomes coding for your patterns of behavior, driving decision making and subsequent happiness.


Have a belief,
Act based on belief,
Receive outcome based on action.

Your relationship with money is always with you.


It’s there from the time you ask your mom for ice cream money, and begin earning babysitting money. It’s there when you negotiate your first salary, pick out an engagement ring, decide to have children. It is present when you decide to go on your own and build a business and when you decide to change careers (or not). It goes on throughout life without interruption.

Schedule Your Money Strategy Conversation

A person’s relationship with money is one of their longest ties and there are no breaks in one’s relationship with money.

Yet, it’s unusual for people to hear about this relationship or be educated in how it affects business owners.  My own story demonstrates the significance of this relationship.

Author Profile: Michelle Perkins

From Corporate CPA to Money Mindset Mentor

Decades ago Michelle was a very successful business consultant. Armed with a solid accounting/finance (CPA) and consulting (MBA)background, she helped various clients and Fortune 100 companies, such as Disney and Warner Brothers to manage their corporate finance and accounting activities.

At the peak of her profession, she decided to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship that she harbored for years. With the ideas and business know how, creating and scaling a business of her own would be simple, right? Wrong! After starting her company, and helping her husband to making a major career transition, she quickly went  from a wealthy life to survival mode in less than a year.

She started to seek help from spiritual teachers, therapists,  financial gurus and business coaches to understand what was happening.  Seminars, courses, books, she did it all, constantly. She turned off all outside media for a year because the pressure felt too great to take in any negative input. She was fighting off despair, frustration  and shock while trying to run two floundering businesses and keep life seeming normal to everyone in her family.

Until, one night, she had a revelation about money.

Since that day, she meticulously reframed her life around this new knowledge, and helped build a new practice in Malibu, taking it from zero to a million $$ in five years.

Today Michelle is a certified business coach, a professional career transition specialist and a certified  money mindset mentor, speaker, writer and regular radio show host at UBN radio. Awarded with NAPW Woman of the Year, she is also a facilitator for Danielle LaPorte's transformative Desire Map workshops.

As Seen On:

As Seen On:

My Darkest Moment

Life makes sense until it doesn’t. Mine made sense until a cold night during the winter of 2010. And not because a sudden tragedy or something I couldn’t do anything about. Quite the contrary. It was all my own doing. The culmination of decisions that did not serve me. But at the time, I didn’t know those decisions weren’t exactly mine…

I understood financial principles and yet I was broke, and verging on bankruptcy as we started over in a new and expensive town.  I felt powerless regarding money. It started to affect everything, the relationship with my husband, even with my children.


My whole life was now on a cliff

And then came that night couple days before Christmas. I still remember the sound of the wind in the tree behind the house. Its branches were dancing in the dark and the moon was projecting its interlaced shadow on the wall of my bedroom. The perfect symbol of my tangled situation.

“How is this even possible? I knew what to do with money, I understood finances, I’ve been a financial expert for some of the best companies in the world. I should be great at this but I am not. What the hell happened here? I had the skill set but that wasn’t enough. How did I get here, at this age?


And then finally... I saw the light

The answer came right after New Year, I received an invitation to a conference about the “Money Secret.” Well, there was definitely something secret about money that I wasn’t getting. At this point, I had nothing to lose. Despite having traveled the world in my corporate life, I had not been on an airplane without my children in over a decade. So when I flew one hour to Phoenix for that conference, it was a big deal and a turning point.

What I learned at the conference hit me hard. There it was: money is a relationship. It is not just an object to use or a resource to manage. And, I realized that I was in a bad relationship with money.

My Road to Business Enlightenment

I was made aware of my hidden money beliefs (that was the secret part) at the conference. From that point of awareness, my relationship with money began improving, and my practice grew.  Then I started to experience an energy flow between my business and myself and the vibration was felt by those who came in contact with it. The growing pains were felt by both us, and the successes as well. This was real.

As my relationship with money became more a focus of my life, and I began shifting some of the beliefs that I had that weren’t serving me well, I began making better decisions. I transcended past patterns. An holistic relationship with money was enhancing my life and returning my sense of control. It was overwhelming, the connection, and for the first time in a while, overwhelmingly good.

I couldn’t keep that realization just for me. I immediately started to work with clients to understand and shift their money beliefs, then to develop a blueprint to help others achieve the great results that I and others were experiencing.  And today, it is finally ready for others to benefit and transform their lives the way I did mine.

What You'll Learn

Some of The Amazing Benefits You’ll Experience When You Sign Up For Michelle’s EMPOWER Program


Increase Your Revenue and Keep More Money

If your revenue has not been enough to provide your business or life with the growth possibilities you dream of, then unearthing the answers to this dilemma is a game changer. You may have unconsciously set a limit on how much you can earn and have built your business to yield what you think you are worthy of earning. How would it feel to increase your earning capacity so that you can invest in your business, as well as save, invest and live your dreams while building wealth? This financial situation is not for other people, it’s for everyone and it doesn’t have to elude you.


Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow really is Queen. If your cash flow is working, you will see profits in your business like never before and reduce your stress and frustration tremendously. Positive cash flow is the result of balancing the revenue and expenses of your business. and what leads to profitability and gets you off the roller coaster that entrepreneurs often experience. Positive cash flow is the foundation from which you can scale and expand your business, pay yourself what you deserve and gain financial mastery. You can stop living on the edge and breathe and begin to focus on more than money in your business and life.


Elevate Your Communication as a Financial Leader

Communication is a crucial part of any relationship and it’s the same with money. You are always having money conversations with clients, partners, vendors, spouses etc. You also engage in plenty of self talk involving money. The language you use regarding money, the emotions and energy that comes across in your communication is all impacting your financial health. You can learn to have “courageous money conversations” with others and use positive, empowered money talk with yourself to reinforce new money beliefs and bring about better results. One of the important results of improving your relationship with money is to both see yourself and have others relate to you as a business leader. New leadership skills emerge as you shift your money consciousness.


Create and Implement New Financial Habits

Imagine if you have a new understanding of yourself and money and you are elevating your mindset, but the results are still futuristic and aspirational. What can you do to bring real results into real time. You can begin right away to implement new and  better financial habits. Scheduled weekly money dates using my proprietary money toolkit that serves as a guide to taking regular actions that track activities, manage resources and increase wealth. Creating financial structures and systems that lead to actionable results, and taking immediate action to adopt new habits, will take the Aha’s to new heights as you see what you can accomplish.


Align Your Money Mindset With Your Business Vision and Identity

Now that your higher level mindset is shifting and taking shape and you are clearly understanding your money personality and how it affects your decision making, don’t be surprised if you feel inspired to revisit your business vision and goals. Leading your life forward in powerful alignment with your new empowered beliefs is destined to create a brighter future. New, more powerful ideas and opportunities will show up and your decisions will be made from this current and empowered place. So get ready! Things are going to expand from here.


Creating the “Abundance Blend” of Revenue Streams, Packaging and Pricing

Feeling unsure of whether you could be making and keeping more money if you changed the products and services you offer? Maybe if you changed your pricing? Do you have packages that attract clients and leverage your income? There are many options when it comes to what you sell, how you sell it and for what amount. Let’s play, and create an ideal mix of new and old revenue streams, evaluate pricing, and examine how customers can come into your world and buy at varying price points. Strategically remixing your offerings so they bring in the sales that meet your goals establishes a workable plan with more predictable results, that you can follow all year. 


Determine the Core Feelings You Want to Guide You On the Path

Whatever your goals, there is an ultimate feeling you want out of this entrepreneurial journey you are on. It isn’t really about more money in the bank, it’s about the security or the freedom or the way you can contribute. What are your deepest feelings that you want from creating and working in your business? Are you in service to others? Do you want to feel independent, powerful, at peace? Finding the words that describe how you want to feel isn’t as simple as it sounds, but once you dig deep enough and find those that touch your soul’s purpose, you will discover magic in those words. Focusing on your core feelings will guide your decisions and move you forward in a powerful way. These words will lead you in every area of your life because decisions regarding  health, relationships, career, and finances can all be filtered through the lens of these sacred feelings.

What you will be learning is may seem new, but….

Many Great Thinkers Knew This All Along


"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver."
- Ayn Rand


"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."
- Henry David Thoreau



"No wealth can ever make a bad man at peace with himself."
- Plato


"All money is a matter of belief."
- Adam Smith


"No one's ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that's abandoned by February. "
- Suze Orman 


So even if you never learned this in school or on the job (which I feel sure you did not), it’s not to late to change the way you “do” money and transform your life as a result.

Program  Information


This All Unfolds Over 6 Months with a Focus on 6 Key Areas

EMPOWER is set up simply and deliberately so you receive consistent coaching, training, and time blocks for action and accountability. We will leave you alone to absorb information, come up with new ideas, experience the transformation and implement - but not for long.

I will be there often enough (weekly) so you will build and keep momentum, working through any blocks or challenges that emerge along the way.

Serving as your guide on this journey, I promise you will be well taken care of. This is coaching, and actions are up to you, but the value is in the new answers coaching will draw out of you, the exercises you will learn from, and in the insights that you wouldn’t get without an objective, masterful coach moving you along. On this path, I will be pointing out the sights and the pitfalls and making sure you are moving in the direction you wish to go with your finances, business, self image and life.

Participants receive:

  • Two monthly live group coaching sessions (one hour)
  • One monthly recorded training (broken up into 20 minute chunks) and accompanying workbook
  • One 30 minute private coaching session per month
  • Three accelerated implementation days where we “get stuff done” together (virtually)
  • Group coaching sessions are recorded in case you miss them or want to relisten

The program includes 6 key steps (milestones) over the 6 month time frame, which are described below. Private coaching sessions will be used to customize the work and address issues outside of the steps if desired.

Uncover Your Secret Money Personality

The first step is to assess and uncover who you are with money.  This self awareness will enlighten you in many ways and set you up to go deeper into what your money personality means in your life. You will learn about your  unconscious money beliefs.  Do you know what is behind your actions and business decisions?

We will begin by understanding your deep seated money beliefs and how they impact everything from business and financial decisions to how you act in relationships, and spend your time and energy. When you uncover your unique blend of money strengths, gifts  and challenges, you can then understand your money personality and your money patterns that have driven your decision making all along.

Better Your Beliefs

The journey continues with the paradigm shift. If your finances are a constant source of worry and discontent in your business and life, we can change that pattern. The thoughts that have been either passed down, or picked up in your life (and in your unconscious mind) are the culprit. Breaking those thoughts apart, keeping the ones you  want and changing the ones you don’t is a start.

Then, building a conscious approach to what thoughts you accept into your decision making process, will be the start of a better relationship with money. This is where your money mindset starts to shift. You will install new beliefs and take actions that solidify the new beliefs. There is nothing like doing, and seeing results from your actions, to make your new mindset feel true.

Join Forces With Your
Unique Money Personality

Without question, you must get out of conflict with money and in milestone two we do just that. Having a great money relationship means paying attention to it consistently, knowing your numbers and tracking various aspects of your finances. It means developing an alliance with it and relating to it as if it’s your friend. You are going to learn how to go on meaningful “money dates” where you take time and go through specific actions with your money that result in growth and knowledge necessary to increase net worth.

Moving the relationship from one of contention to acquaintance then friendship and ideally to love. Changing the way you interact and relate to money transcends your relationship with money to one that propels you toward financial independence and control. This allows your business to go to the next level.

Leverage Your Strengths and Solve Your Challenges

Theme three focuses on your strengths allows you to expand and  leverage those strengths to expand your income in new ways and increase security, wealth creation and overall abundance.

An awareness of the challenges of your personality will cut through limiting beliefs, glass ceilings and habits of undercharging or underearning. You will develop new ways to use your strengths and take the steps you need to move your money set point and eliminate the limiters that have been holding you back from reaching your big goals. You will learn where to set boundaries, establish systems, and what to let go of that is keeping you stuck.

Gain Confidence and Step into Your Power

As you move into second part of theme three, you recognize how to take control of your financial life, confidence expands and more opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and into your power as a entrepreneur and leader emerge. Decision making from a place of empowerment will result in new actions and strategies.

Empowering your voice and learning how to have courageous money conversations will ease your financial life. Establishing a new identity as a financially savvy business owner and team leader will illuminate areas where others can help you meet your bigger goals.

ReMix Your Offerings to Reflect The New You

By this stage you fully understand your money personality, hidden money beliefs and their impact, as well as having clarity around your strengths and challenges. Theme four is where we pull the previous steps together and re-imagine your business’ products and  services.

You have claimed your identity as a financial leader and see yourself in a new light as an entrepreneur. So, we will take a look at your services and/or products and uncover fresh  ways to package, price and leverage what you have to offer your customers or clients. We will put this puzzle together in a new way, strategically designed to reach your new financial goals more quickly, effectively and easily.

Revision Your Business As An Empowered Entrepreneur

As a confident, empowered business owner who consciously makes decisions from a positive money mindset, and plans to meet their financial goals with improved revenue streams, leverage and an “abundance blend” that brings them closer to their goals, we take time in step five to revisit your business vision and change what needs to be changed to move ahead in an empowered state. You are not the same person you were when we started and how can you plan for what you want from a new mindset and a new understanding of you?

Once money madness is no longer the all consuming focus, what next level money beliefs should you decide to take on for the future.? How do you relate to money at this point and how does that relationship facilitate a new vision for your life and business?

Discover  New Guideposts For Decision Making

What were you really after when you became an entrepreneur, anyway? Most likely you have plenty of answers to that question, but are you aware of how those outcomes make you feel? The bottom line is that it’s the feeling states you want to achieve, but if those feelings you want are still unclear, then they don’t serve as powerful enough targets to shoot for and you may never quite hit them.

There is a proven process for peeling back the layers of what you say and think you want, to get at the ultimate reason you are striving so hard to reach your goals. Gaining clarity around the precise feelings you want to experience in your life will benefit you beyond any other decision making constructs. Finding the words that best describe the feelings you want provides you a valuable tool for filtering ideas and making decisions that truly bring profound joy and fulfillment to your life.

Additional Value Adds

In addition to the 6 modules, you will receive valuable bonus items that will be gifted to you with love and my heartfelt intention that you thrive financially and in your life from these extras:

  • The Secret Money Archetypes Assessment and Beautiful Descriptive Cards
  • Strengthsfinders 2.0 book and coupon code for the Strengthsfinders online assessment
  • An inspirational journal to track your insights, ideas, and numbers
  • Three guest trainers to teach and answer specific money management and investment questions
  • The proprietary “money lovekit” to take with you and guide you on your money dates
  • Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Workbook
  • An opportunity to be videotaped and interviewed on Limit Free Life Radio as a guest (leaving you with great, professional marketing material to use as you please)
  • Tea at a luxury venue for an afternoon of masterminding with the group and a special presentation
  • As needed email access to me in between meetings
  • A private Facebook group for the participants to share and support each other

Value of bonuses: $3,000

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I’m taking all the risk for you by giving you a 50% savings on the first module, and money back guarantee in the first 30 days.

In the first 30 days, we will assess and learn about your “Secret Money Archetypes” which make up your money personality and from which we can uncover your hidden money beliefs that have both helped and hindered you in your quest for greater wealth, cash flow and freedom. I know you are going to find it invaluable and insightful as all my clients have, but if you’re not happy for any reason, you can get a no-questions-asked refund of your money.

This program is delivered in modules that build on each other and you can invest module by module or pay in full for a steep savings.

A refer a friend savings is offered as well and both participants can join at a savings to both.


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Imagine: Just six short months from now you will be armed with the most powerful, proven and current ways to identify and shift your money mindset, you will have taken practical actions that have already shown positive financial results. You will be communicating powerfully when having money conversations and you will see yourself and your business in a new way that encourages growth and higher levels of income. You will have identified and possibly implemented new revenue streams, packaging and pricing and you will be aligning your business vision with an expanded view of yourself and your company. You will have determined your core feelings to serve as decision making guideposts for your future decisions. You will be on your way to an upleveled version of you and your business, so abundance will flow in and be properly cared for, so wealth can grow. You will be in a great relationship with money. You will begin living authentically in alignment with your unique purpose.

Join me and a small group of like minded entrepreneurs who will be on this journey with you to share, inspire, support and cheer you on to a new sense of freedom and financial empowerment that will forever change you and your business, for the better.

Supercharged with a strong mindset, reinforced alliance with your money, substantial confidence and new practical tactics for generating and increasing revenue and bolstering cash flow, you will be ready to launch into a new state of empowerment and financial freedom. Money chaos calmed, you are able to focus on the rest of business and life - fulfillment, joy and contribution - success on your terms, whatever that might mean.

What Students Say

  • Amber  D.  Nelson,  Founder  Lingo  Consulting,  Inc.
    As a communication expert, I look for linkages between language and mindset on a regular basis. In teaching me about my archetypes, Michelle gave me the words to begin managing my money in a way that is authentic and in alignment with my natural inclinations. Too many people hide out and ignore their finances and engage in a passive/aggressive dance rather than get clarity and stepping up as a leader. Michelle will help you get off the roller coaster and take charge of a healthy, new relationship with your money.”
    Amber D. Nelson, Founder Lingo Consulting, Inc.
  • Kathryn Alice, Best-Selling Author
    Michelle is an AMAZING business and money coach with the right balance of compassion, understanding and know-how to make a huge difference in how much you are making and how your business is running. Her gentle push was enough to accelerate my income and expansion a great deal. I don't know of anyone I would recommend more."
    Kathryn Alice, Best-Selling Author
  • Dr. Anita Hansen, Malibu Chiropractic Care
    Michelle Perkins is an amazing Business Coach. She has catapulted my business into a whole new tier both financially and strategically. She expanded on my plans for growth, and enabled me to take action and reach higher goals. I recommend Michelle highly, as she has the skills, knowledge and experience that would make anyone’s business plans successful."
    Dr. Anita Hansen, Malibu Chiropractic Care
  • Jose Angel Manaiza Jr. CEO of Malibu Education
    Michelle Perkins' services are based on high quality & impeccable integrity. She is fully dedicated to her clients. I had a session with her and I discovered my money archetypes which allowed me to make significant changes in my day -to-day life. I achieved my highest financial prosperity within 12 months after my session with her and being inspired by her keynote in Malibu. I highly recommend her. Book her now because she is on high demand!
    Jose Angel Manaiza Jr. CEO of Malibu Education
  • Sarah Mac, Freelance writer, Artist, Website Developer
    Working with Michelle has massively reduced my anxiety around money and I feel more comfortable with larger transactions now, which seem to be rolling in nicely now too! Now that I have reinstated being financially stable as an important value, it is easier for me to say no to things I can’t afford and not feel bad about it. I am now taking a much more rational approach to my financial life, through attention, discipline, awareness, practical action and problem solving. Working through my difficulties with Michelle has given me confidence in my ability to manage money in a way that provides for my wants and needs. I've also learned to be patient through realising I’m actually making really good progress - by tracking it in between coaching sessions - which fills me with confidence in for the future! I now feel more comfortable with the idea of feeling the fear and doing it anyway in terms of putting myself out there professionally. Michelle has helped me to learn that taking responsibility for my life and making sure that my finances are in order and I'm doing the best I can as a professional is ultimately the best way to empower myself to live a life that fulfils me, helps others and that I can be proud of. I've developed some life changing habits, many thanks to you Michelle!”
    Sarah Mac, Freelance writer, Artist, Website Developer
  • Grayson Kent, Owner/Operator of Rock & Roll Reptiles Mobile Museum of Zoology, Paleontology, and Natural History
    My name is Grayson Kent and I run my own business, a mobile natural history museum called Rock & Roll Reptiles. For the last few years, I was struggling to take my company to the next level. With the guidance of Michelle Perkins, Rock & Roll Reptiles was able to make more advances within six months than it had in the previous two years. My business was expanded and continues to do so as a direct result of Michelle’s input. She is great at coming up with the ideas one may not, or cannot, come up with oneself. I would recommend her to anyone looking for some fresh insight on for to progress their business."
    Grayson Kent, Owner/Operator of Rock & Roll Reptiles Mobile Museum of Zoology, Paleontology, and Natural History

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