If you are an entrepreneur, your expertise may not be in "business." You might be a doctor, web designer, consultant, product manufacturer. If you want to take your passion or expertise and make a great living from it as an entrepreneur, you may struggle through the process of building a financially prosperous and sustainable business.

Business training and support will take you where you want to go with far less struggle, and more properly directed action and an improved mindset for success.

Doing something original and innovative in business isn’t optional anymore. Creativity and innovation are skills, they can be learned. Build your creative side to significantly improve your marketing, profitability, and enjoyment of your business.

Michelle Perkins, MBA and CEO of Limit Free Life and Jemma Wildermuth, Creativity Expert and Founder of Create Studio, are joining forces to help you learn and implement both business skills and creativity practices that will change the way you are
building your business.

You will see a transformation in how you DO business and how you FEEL about your business, with tangible results.

Michelle and Jemma are offering new and seasoned entrepreneurs:

  • Business training on relevant, diverse topics
  • Support
  • Q&A
  • Networking 
  • Ways to cultivate creativity in a casual, positive environment
One morning a month, business owners can:
  • Relax
  • Learn growth strategies
  • Think differently, shift perspective
  • Gain insight and inspiration
  • Share and generate ideas
  • Reconnect with their creativity 
  • Feel less isolated in their work

We've put together this package just for you if you are seeking a low investment, live learning option for building your business. This is a great option if you do not work with a coach at all, or to supplement any business coaching or consulting you currently engage in. These workshops are unique, tapping into all parts of the brain to help you reach new and better results in your business and life.

The workshops will be held at Create Studio in Westlake Village, Ca and all workbooks and supplies are included. We will cover key aspects of business and address: strategies, tactics, implementation techniques, mindset shifts, organizational skills and more, in the areas of:

1. Visioning - clarity of purpose, mission, and goals
2. Money Mindset Mastery- understanding money blocks and overcoming challenges
3. Branding - communicating what you stand for and creating a soul for your business
4. Finding Your Niche - identifying your ideal customers
5. Marketing Strategies and how to create a marketing plan for your specific goals
6. Product and Services - knowing what and how to bring your expertise to market
7. Packaging Your Products and Services to maximize your profitability
8. Team Building and Leadership Skills  - delegating effectively and managing a team
9. Financial Goals and Tracking - knowing your numbers to expand your growth
10. Optimal Financial Management practices for business growth
11. Thinking Like an Entrepreneur and Innovation techniques
12. Goal Setting for the New Year - A brand new way to think about goals

The morning workshops are held every 2nd Thursday of the month, beginning January 11, 2019. You will receive between 60 - 90 minutes for training, exercises, discussion, and Q&A. The remaining time is for creatively reinforcing the information in the studio.  Jemma designs inspirational projects for each topic. The workshops begin at 6:30 pm Pacific and are a great way to relax, mingle, learn and create.

We invite you to join us monthly at an investment of $45 per workshop, or to sign up for a package of 3 or 6 sessions and save as follows:
  • Sign up for 6 workshops and receive 1 free ($45 savings), a total investment of $225.00
  • Sign up for 3 workshops and save $25, a total investment of $110.00

Let us help you to elevate your business, increase your revenue and become a more savvy and creative entrepreneur, no matter what your business.

This is where great ideas are born, in a creative space after some new information and perspectives, with some time to let your mind and heart get into the flow of innovative thought. It will improve your financial results as well as your overall sense of success!

The next Creative Innovation evening workshop is coming up on June 13, 2019. The topic for June is "Top Ten Business and Money Keys to Small Business Success."  

Get June's Workshop for $45.

For questions or inquiries please contact Michelle at or call 424-234-2414.