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Our Career and Financial Coaching for individuals is designed to motivate and propel clients to achieve their dreams.

Coaching is an interactive partnership that sparks discovery and self-awareness, enhances clarity, and supports personal growth and success. Clients are challenged to re-assess beliefs, change their perspectives, and grow their skills. The result? Powerful mindset shifts, transformations, bold actions, confidence, and success like never before.


Career Coaching

Serving as a catalyst and facilitator, career coaches guide clients through the process of career discovery and transition through mindset shifts, sound strategy, practical tools, and an expanded sense of possibility. We help clients create an ideal work life that leads to happiness, fulfillment, and financial prosperity.

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Financial Coaching

Managing finances during a transition can be unsettling and requires a unique and flexible approach.  We work with clients to set up financial systems and structures that provide necessary control and information. This approach builds a solid foundation on which clients can make the best decisions, minimize stress, and realize financial prosperity.

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Business Strategy

Whether starting a new business or growing an existing company, we help build an infrastructure for success. We work collaboratively with clients to confirm purpose, draft a clear mission, establish core beliefs, optimize organizational structure, and set financial objectives.  We build a solid foundation with precise strategies and actionable steps.

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Michelle Perkins Featured in The DailyWorth

Wondering how to make of money a source of empowerment instead of stress and anxiety? The DailyWorth just has what you are looking for and I’m really glad to announce I’m part of this great pool of financial and business experts that can help you with money advice. You can connect with me and get advice in finance and career areas that will get you the freedom you are looking for. Join me here.



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What People are Saying

People have enormous potential and should be guided toward their aspirations and dreams. In that way, they find fulfillment in their lives and contribute positively to the planet and the lives of others. When people are happy in their work, we all benefit.

When they define coach in Webster’s dictionary, they have Michelle’s picture next to the entry. She is the ultimate coach, helping you to bring out the best in yourself by recognizing your accomplishments, inherent skills and your internal ability to succeed. She knows you better than you do and introduces you to that successful person buried within yourself.
Van, Financial Executive
Michelle Perkins has a vision of what is possible and the tools to transform that possibility into reality. She’s persistently seeing a picture bigger than I do and advocating for it. When I’ve challenged her ideas, she’s shown me the practical steps that will take me from here to there. Part mentor, part coach, part excellent girlfriend, she’s helped me take my business from “just fine” to “poised for prosperity”.
Amber, President, Lingo Consulting
“Michelle created an amazing, personal, and welcoming space in her Desire Map workshop. I immediately felt at ease with her calm presence and non-judgemental attitude. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to take a day out of their life to focus on what is truly important and discover their true desires. SHe helps guide participants gently and effectively through the discovery of the truest desires we hold in our hearts. Great job!”

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